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dna3d dance design digital is a company focused on making performance – performance concept, performance design,
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Victory Ceremonies 2012 ... mission complete

I can't quite believe it but the Games are over... I keep having to pinch myself that I am back here in Birmingham and tomorrow when I wake up it won't be 04:00 hours and I won't have to get on the N8 bus to the Mall ( well Tottenham Court Road and then a walk to the Mall!) for the early morning medal delivery. I must say for at least the first 3 nights back here I had dreams about Victory Ceremonies for Boxing, Cycling and then one about having to get Sir Stephen Redgrave to the Athletes Victory Parade... Read more

Arena Theatre … here we come

Waking at 4.30 am through the Christmas and New Year period has much to do with our new performance project Podium Finish. This morning was no exception and the times and dates on the dna3d ‘rehearsal pod’ blog will show 26 entries between 5 and 5.30am this morning. This is because the outline of the project and what is behind the new piece, a piece that takes the 26.2 miles of a marathon as the backbone of the piece. I don’t want to say too much just yet... Read more

World Championship Performances

Check out the fabulous pictures on the dna3d flickr feed to see the colour and energy of the Opening Ceremony of the Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships at the NIA back in November 2011. 100 performers as Bugs, Bees, Butterflies, Icarus, the Wright Brothers, RAF & WAF pilots, Air Tourists, Cosmonauts and Astronauts, and models of Spitfires, Bi-planes, Red Arrows, Concorde and the Soyuz Rocket, whirred, spun, jumped, pirouetted, floated and soared around the Arena, as the Opening Ceremony told the story of the history of flight in dance, poetry and acrobatics. Read more

Opening the Championships…

Well I have just got out of a very hot and much needed bath, after day three of our intensive rehearsal week for Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships Opening Ceremony. Read more

Shanelle's LA Adventure

...almost every week, there was always something dance orientated happening. Whether it was an agency audition, a dance show case, a hip hop event... Read more