Shanelle's LA Adventure

"people like myself, show up in their hundreds/thousands from all over the world just to take class".

On June the 15th 2011, my good friend Anne Marie and I flew out from the grey/blue skies of England to the sunny side city of Los Angeles for a two month dance adventure. Landing at LAX airport around 3: 30pm, neither of us knew how our journey would turn out to be, despite Anne Marie and I having travelled to Los Angeles twice before. However, I can honestly say, each time I have gone, I find a new zest for the place and dance which always seems to increase each time I go. And this time it was no different.

Every year I find something unique and special about being in Los Angeles, especially where the dance is concerned. There always seems to be a new following, and more and more people like myself, show up in their hundreds/thousands from all over the world just to take class. At times, I would be annoyed as I could not get into a class because it would be too full. However, it was so refreshing to see and be around people who were just as passionate about dance as I am. It was really enlightening seeing all these adoring people who wanted to learn, and be inspired by the best in the business.

Some of my favourite teachers were Andye Jamison, Derell Bullock, Laura Edwards, Candace Brown, Rob Peters, Kana and Marc Spaulding. (Just to name a few) Everyday there was something new and exciting to learn. And almost every week, there was always something dance orientated happening. Whether it was an agency audition, a dance show case, a hip hop event, there was always a new quest to discover which I thoroughly appreciated. But ultimately, the things that I did learn from my favourite teachers, I feel are really going to help me develop and grow as an aspiring professional dancer, choreographer and performer.

Apart from dancing, I did manage to have the odd one or two breaks away from dance to do a bit of site seeing. I did go to the beach; I did a little bit of shopping, I had the privilege of going to P Diddy’s BET Awards after party, and I managed to watch the final Harry Potter movie at the infamous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Also I took a lovely trip down to Las Vegas, where it was boiling hot! I had a great time. It is such a nice place.

Overall the whole trip was like a dream come true. I met so many lovely, talented people and made some genuine friendships along the way. I am so glad that I got the chance to go and experience a fraction of a dancer’s life. I will always remember this LA Adventure. ALWAYS: D x