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Artistic Director


Dennie Wilson - Artistic Director

I have been fortunate that my career as dancer, performer and performance maker has taken me all over the world. I have performed the works of leading choreographers and collaborated with some fascinating and intensely driven artists. At the heart of what motivates me in life is challenge, challenge of rhythm, physicality, space and design, finding ‘the zone’ and making a contribution. I enjoy non-literalness, layers of thought and the connections that bring people together. My desert island luxury item would a bone china tea set and selection of teas or a note-book and pencil. Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto would be there as one of my discs, as would Massive Attack’s Angel. I am a keen runner and fundraiser for Cancer Research UK.

Associated artists/collaborators

Michael Price

Michael Price

To me, writing music feels like home. There's just something wonderfully satisfying about putting one note after another and building musical stories, whether just for the joy of it, or to accompany a film or a dance. Having spent several years earlier on in my career experimenting with different approaches to writing and performing music for contemporary dance, I now find myself mostly doing the same for film and TV. The story may be on a screen rather than a stage but the principles are very similar. On a desert island, I'd mostly be looking for good things to cook and eat, and if I had one record to play it would probably be the Bach Cello Suites. And I'm guessing there wouldn't be any broadband?

p.s Michael has recently won a ROYAL TELEVISION AWARD and both BAFTA and EMMY nominations for the critically acclaimed BBC series SHERLOCK, which he scored with David Arnold. Current movie projects include Horrid Henry, Cheerful Weather for  Wedding and the Inbetweeners.
Jenny Macnamara

Jenny Macnamara

A dna3d project would not be complete without Jenny on board – she is our Jazz dance specialist! When working with Dennie, which she has for over ten years now, the two have become known as the Dennie and Jenny show. First meeting at the Drum when Jenny was a Dancer with ACE Dance and Music they discovered they had both trained at Italia Conti and have worked regularly together ever since, most notably on the major sporting championships where Jenny has been assistant artistic director. They both teach at Elmhurst School for Dance and share a love of cats, Jenny is also a lecturer in dance at Stafford College. Jenny has worked as a professional dancer with Kokuma and ACE Dance and Music, performing that has taken her right across the UK and Europe.

Ian Wallman

Ian Wallman

With over a fifteen years in the music industry, Ian Wallman's career has witnessed a wide range of experiences; with a UK top ten hit, major record and publishing deals in both the UK and USA, an Ivor Nevollo nomination for "Best Dance Single" plus countless recording, engineering and writing credits to his name. Following a successful career in Commercial Radio Ian moved into record production covering every genre from Dance, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Classical whilst also achieving success in the area of Post Production (BBC), DJ'ing and Education. Known for high production values and versatility, has seen his work being adopted by many International artistes as diverse as Beyonce, Lady Ga Ga, Michael Bublé and Shakira.

Ian has recently returned from a project in Delhi recording street children with the charity Music Basti, the album is set to be released using innovative distribution and marketing methods under consultation of New Music Strategies (of which Ian is a co-founder). Ian and Dennie have collaborated on a number of music compositions including the European Indoor Athletic championshipss and the World Wheelchair Basketball Championships. They are currently working on FLIGHT : Dance of the Skies – the Opening Ceremony for the World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships.

Kashmir Leese

Kashmir Leese

After seeing a BBC trailer featuring Kashmir and his Hip-hop group Smash Bro’z representing Britain at the Hip-Hop World Championships, Dennie approached Kashmir to work as associate choreographer and dancer on the Opening Ceremony for the World Wheelchair Basketball Championships. For three months dna3d and Smash Bro'z worked together on a fusion on contemporary, ballet and hip-hop, which was very well received in the Opening Ceremony.   Kashmir then worked with dna3d as associate artist on the Fleet Feet project in Perry Barr. Kashmir travels all over the UK and Europe, he is in much demand as a teacher and dancer.  Although very much self-taught, Kashmir is a graduate of Birminghams's Joseph Chamberlain College where he studied A level dance.  And anyone who tunes into his facebook page, knows all about his views on the teaching of hip-hop!. He is Artistic Director of Smash Bro'z & Konoha Hip Hop Collective.

Key Dancers


Christa Collard

One of the longest serving members of dna3d, Christa has a considerable history of working with Dennie. Not only is she a Ballet, Contemporary, Modern and Tap specialist, but she is also Principal of the Walsall Academy of Dance Christa is a graduate of the University of Wolverhampton, where she is currently completing a Masters in Dance Science. Her favourite colour is purple and she loves anything Disney.


Joanne Klijn

Jo Klijn is a graduate of Elmhurst School for Dance and joined dna3d in 2009 where her contemporary dance has flourished. She has developed a feel for contact and contemporary duet based work, but is equally confident in a more Urban Hip-Hop style. As well as her technical expertise Jo is versatile, has a fabulous eye for detail and is also a qualified Pilates instructor. Jo loves ‘seeing a new piece come together on its first full run through and working in a studio to make the piece perfect.’


Kasia Kraus

Kasia is our Latin American and Ballroom champion. Originally from Poland and a graduate of the University of Wolverhampton, Kasia seems to be afraid of nothing, has fantastic rhythm and is a great teacher. She has her own business teaching Latin American and Ballroom and during 2011 took time out from dna3d to perform in Crete. Her favourite colour is blue and she loves the expressiveness, intimacy and freedom of dance and her favourite song is Teardrop by Massive Attack.


Shanelle Clemenson

Shanelle has just returned fom 2 months in Los Angeles USA, where she has been attending summer courses in Hip-hop and Street. A graduate of the University of Wolverhampton, Shanelle specialises in choreography that tells stories through dance. ‘…The creativity and the freedom to just be you…’ is what Shanelle loves about dance and whilst she makes everything she does look easy, she is a serious hard worker. Recently she discovered ‘a teacher inside’, when she led one of the Fleet Feet Youth groups as part of the artist in residence project. She shares with Christa a love of the colour purple and indeed she is our purple spirit.

Amie Coutts

Amie Coutts

Amie’s favourie styles of dance are commercial and lyrical but at the age of 16 whilst studying at Bodyworks in Cambridge, she discovered Contemporary dance. This led her to the University to Wolverhampton where she then uncovered a talent for notation…. Her dissertation topic on notation and Beyounce’s ‘I’m a Single Lady’ was very interesting indeed! Amie has also been part of a Showgirl Dance Company which has enabled her to perform in venues such as The Birmingham Hippodrome and Wembley, she has featured on MTV Sweet Sixteen UK and most memorably in Sicily, Italy.


Alicia Meehan

Trained at the Northern Ballet School and then the University of Wolverhampton, from where she graduated this summer. She is a contemporary specialist, loves release and contact work and is a very talented choreographer and film-maker. Recent research work entailed filming dance in the depths of winter in the lake district, on the shores of lakes and up mountains, all with Jo Klijn. The result was a stunning piece weaving live and projected dance, light and sound, into a performance environment involving a number of surfaces and structures. Alicia seems to have no fear and has been dancing with dna3d since February 2010.

Laura Nand

Laura Nand

Is dna3d's most recent recruit, joining the company in June of 2011.  Laura a graduate of the University of Wolverhampton, is a tap and jazz specialist and is equally accomplished when it comes to hip-hop and contemporary.  Laura is an all out performer and wishes to learn as much about different dance styles as she can this year in order choose her next path. She is also currently learning more about a illness she suffers with, Crohns Disease, via a soon to come weekday channel4 series. This series is looking at ways of managing illnesses through specific diets, which if successful can greatly benefit Laura's everyday quality of life and dance career.