August 15, 2011 in All Categories, Exhibition, Film

Sources and Sorcery

An exhibition of film and photography, seen as a documentation of a creative process, but also as an additional artwork. Consisting of a 10 minute video (Music by Andy Garbi) and 10 photographs, projected/hung and lit to create a sense of performance, Sources and Sorcery, was the result of a three month period spent following Ace Dance and Music through the creative process of making ‘En-tranced.”
Conceived, created and produced by Dennie, Sources and Scorcery acknowledges those private 'rehearsal studio only moments', but also explores how rehearsal moments, which are moments of beauty in themselves, serve to reveal to the choreographer, something of the material which had not been apparent until that point and how this discovery plays its part in shaping the final work.
These moments stem from different situations; the space, playing with the context, getting inside ‘something,’ or from what the ACE dancers called the ‘in-between’ bits where happy accidents occur…
From wherever… these brief captured moments were the focus of the exhibition. Allowing then to ‘live’ again and offer both insight into the final show and the creative force behind the show.
Sources and Sorcery toured to Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury Arts Centre and the Festival Hall, London.
The film of Sources and Sorcery can be seen at