August 16, 2011 in All Categories, Performance


m:body - a scenographic performance environment: moving image technology; dance; sound; surface explore the man : tattoo relationship.

m:body - the final part of a long period of study and research, a symbol of a process that results in a substantial departure from previous work.

m:body - how moving image technology becomes a performer, not a virtual performer, but a performance presence.

m:body - a performance in two parts, the first invites you to walk freely within the performance environment and view installation pieces. The second invites you to take a seat and view a live performance.

m:body a series of what I believe those in tattoo culture would call ‘flash pieces,’ brought together so they might be viewed as a whole.

m:body - performers Liz Pavy, Dennie Wilson, Ian Smith, John Smith Jon Evans (human canvas) and Mick (tattoo artist)

Watch the short film we produced documenting the performanc evening